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Unparallel REGULUS

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The Regulus is our stiffest downturned shoe, providing both comfort and absolute precision for any angle and all styles of climbing. The unlined synthetic upper provides a soft feel on foot while maintaining a perfectly snug and secure fit. The full RH rubber sole and stiff midsole provide exceptional edging ability and the extended rubber over the toe box provides extra friction for toe hooking. The highly tensioned heel and slingshot randing locks your foot into the shoe, providing extra power and bombproof heel hooks.


  • 4.2 mm RH rubber sole
  • Extended toe rand rubber
  • Midsole stiffness: Hard
  • Unlined synthetic upper


  • Approx. weight: 483 g (per pair)
  • Size: US 5-14 / EU 37-48.5
  • Fit: Aggressive downturn


  • Upper:  Synthetic Suede
  • Insole: Synthetic Suede
  • Strap: Webbing
  • Tongue: Elastic
  • Rubber: RH rubber


  • Single Velcro strap