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Petzl SELENA Harness (v18)

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The SELENA harness is tailored for a woman's physique. Designed for sport climbing, the harness is comfortable for both indoor and outdoor climbing. The elasticized leg loops remain adjusted and the waistbelt is flexible and slimmer in front to give great freedom of movement. The four equipment loops provide sufficient space for the required equipment.

Detailed description


Tailored to a woman's physique:

- waistbelt is contoured to conform to the lower back

- longer rise ensures better placement on the waist

- leg loop to waistbelt proportions suited to a female physique


Comfortable to wear:

- padded waistbelt and leg loops

- wide waistbelt provides comfortable positioning

- ENDOFRAME Technology construction allows excellent weight distribution


Great freedom of movement:

- waistbelt is flexible and slimmer in front

- elasticized leg loops allow the harness to remain adjusted

- elasticized leg loop straps and flexible connection straps allow maximum mobility


Capacity for carrying equipment:

- two rigid equipment loops in front for easy clipping and unclipping of quickdraws

- two rear equipment loops are flexible, for bringing gear to the front and for comfort when carrying a backpack

- one rear loop for trail line



Material(s): nylon, polyester, EVA, polyurethane, aluminum, high-modulus polyethylene

Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA

Harness comes in a protective carry bag


References C055AA00 C055AA01 C055AA02 C055AA03

Color(s) mottled green

Size XS S M L

Waist belt 65-71 cm 71-77 cm 77-84 cm 84-92 cm

Leg loops 48-53 cm 52-57 cm 55-60 cm 57-62 cm

Weight 370 g 390 g 420 g 450 g

Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years

Inner pack count 1 1 1 1