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Beal 10.2mm DIABLO UNICORE Classic 70m dynamic rope

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La première corde outdoor UNICORE

The DIABLO 10.2 MM UNICORE rope is the first outdoor rope to be equipped with the UNICORE innovative technology that provides increased resistance and safety for climbers. It offers a reassuring diameter that is suitable for all climbers and will appeal to most climbers. A rope that remains compact while its smooth sheath and great flexibility give the impression of using a much thinner rope. Reassuring for both the leader and the belayer, it facilitates insertions in carabiners and resists abrasion very well.


  • Diameter10.2mm
  • RangeActive line
  • MaterialPolyamide
  • Low impact force8.40 kN
  • Sport Productsyes
  • Sheath materialPolyamide (PA)
  • Rope corePolyamide (PA)
  • Sheath slippage0 mm
  • FamilyDiablo 10.2mm
  • ColorGREEN
  • Single ropeyes
  • Dynamic elongation37 %
  • Static elongation8,7 %
  • Percentage of sheath40%